Eco friendly Cottage - our commitment

Our Commitment to the Environment 

At Tryst Cottage we are committed to doing what we can to help the environment. We are working with, and taking advice from the leading national organisation "Green Tourism", in order to maintain the highest standards of quality and comfort for our guests, yet still minimise our impact on the environment. 

As a result, we are very proud to have received a Silver Award from Green Tourism!

We have undertaken the following measures, and are constantly striving to do more, so you may find some of our efforts not listed here:

  • The kettle has lights to show when the water does not need to be boiled again to make your hot drink. 
  • We have replaced the old log burner with a new Defra Approved Eco design log burner suitable for use in smoke free zones.
  • We only provide logs that are sourced locally and are kiln dried before use. The logs are not packaged in plastic.
  • We choose the most environmentally friendly products that meet our high standards. You will therefore find washing up liquid from companies such as Ecover, and toiletries from Bright Earth. Please do not dispose of, or remove the containers as we refill bottles in order to reduce our plastic consumption. 
  • We have reduced our plastic consumption by providing toiletries and vanity items wrapped in recyclable paper or cardboard.
  • We encourage you to please recycle as much as you can. The list of recyclable items in our county is available on the notice board. 
  • I provide guests with information about places to eat out or shop in the village , so you can make the best choices according to your preferences and not need to use your car to go out for a delicious meal.
  • I can help you to plan a lovely holiday without needing to use your car. 
  • We have invested in electrical appliances in the kitchen which are rated at the new higher grade A.
  • We have fitted internal insulation, sympathetic to this 1700's stone property, which lessens our impact on the environment yet maintains the wonderful character of the beautiful traditional cottage. 
  • We lovingly care for the wood in the cottage. Whilst some say we now live in a "throw away" society, the current trends are often to rip out and replace according to fashion. We care for our original oak beams, and other  traditional cottage features that reflect the heritage of the Yorkshire Dales. We hope that you too will soon come and enjoy experiencing the perfect harmony of history and modern comfort in our award winning cottage!.
  • The cottage has modern Argon Gas filled double glazing.
  • The cottage has an eco central heating system powered by electricity. 
  • The electricity supply to the cottage is from a company that produces 100% renewable energy.