Fire Safety and Risk Assessment

Tryst Cottage Ingleton Fire Safety and Risk Assessment.

Fire Regulations Small Premises with Paying Guests 2023 - now part of your terms and conditions of your booking 

In October 2023, the government introduced new regulations for Self Catering Properties  with regard to Fire Safety for guests.

As part of the Visit England Accreditation scheme, we have always had a fire risk assessment, and fire safety measures in place for Tryst Cottage Ingleton, which has been regularly reviewed and updated. It has also been scrutinised as part of the regular Visit England inspection process. 

So we do not think that things will be very different for our guests, but some matters are now part of the law.

There is a copy of the full risk assessment available at the cottage and also included in the cottage handbook, which guests receive a week or so before their stay. 

Tryst Cottage is easily vacated and there are safe areas with good exit routes from both external doors. 

Here are some key points to help you with your decision to book the cottage.

Smoking and Vaping are not allowed in the cottage. We ask you to please not leave any evidence of smoking material outside the cottage. Vaping paraphernalia must be taken home (including disposable material) and disposed according to your own local authority requirements. 

No candles, tea lights or burners are allowed in the cottage. INSTEAD we have a beautiful set of very realistic LED wax candles which are battery operated and can be used with a timer. (There is even a battery charger for you to recharge the batteries if necessary!). 

Personal electrical appliances. We provide two hairdryers, one in each bedroom. if you are bringing your own hair equipment such as straighteners, they must not be left plugged in or placed on any furnishings before they are cold. There are USB sockets in the plug sockets downstairs so you can charge phone, tablets etc; just bring your charger leads. We now have to ask you not to leave anything charging when you go out or go to bed. 

Electric Vehicle Charging and Granny Chargers. I am sorry but we do not have an EV charger. HOWEVER literally around the corner is a row of EV chargers in the main Ingleton Car Park. Granny chargers must not be used under any circumstances.

E Bikes If you wish to bring an E Bike to the cottage, please let us know beforehand. You cannot charge it in the cottage anymore, but we do have a charging point away from the cottage building that is secure. 

Safety fittings and equipment provided for you. 

There are smoke detectors in every room with the exception of the bathroom.

There is a heat detector in the kitchen.

Emergency lighting on the landing will come on in the event of a power cut.

There is a fire blanket in the kitchen.

There is a small fire extinguisher in the kitchen and in the log basket for use with small fires.

the exit doors require a key to open them from the outside, but have keyless opening on the inside so you can exit the cottage quickly if necessary. 

A spark guard and gloves are provided for the log burner.

Please keep firelighters in the tin provided.

Do not leave logs on the hearth. Please follow the instructions left for you for how to use the log burner.

There are two wind up torches.

Outside there is an array of solar lighting. there are movement lights on the stone shed and side of the cottage so that you can see when it is dark.

(We are no longer expected to provide escape windows, but just to let you know, the rear bedroom window is an escape window, and the front bedroom window opens outwards.)  

Tumble dryer If you use the tumble dryer, please clear the lint after use (Also, follow the written instructions carefully )

PLEASE NOTE The Fire Service recommend that you close the kitchen door and bedroom doors at night time, whether you are away from home or in your own house.

Tryst Cottage Ingleton may not be suitable for you if you are very elderly or infirm in any way. There is an access statement and I am more than happy to talk through with you any queries about whether or not the cottage is an appropriate choice for your precious holiday.