Making an Enquiry

Please check the availability calendar to see if the dates you require are available. If the dates are free you can contact me either by ringing the number below or by sending an email message via the form below.

If you chose to ring me, and I am not able to answer the phone a messaging service will answer.

Sometimes I am away from the phone, unable to answer it or just don't get to the phone before the messaging service picks up, and so I will ring you straight back.

 Please leave your name and contact number and I will call you back the same day that you ring.

If it is an evening when you call, and I am out and return too late to call you back that day I will ring you the following day. It is also helpful if you can leave in your message the dates you are interested in. I am happy to take calls up to 10pm and at weekends, but do not usually return a call after 9pm unless the message has only just been left.

If you make your enquiry via email I aim to respond within an hour.

If some rare occurence means that you do not get a reply from me in this timescale please ring the number below, or if you are contacting me from outside the UK you may wish to email another message. Occasionally emails do go to your spam box, so it might be helpful for you to check in there if you are expecting an email from me.

Please feel free to make any enquiries about the cottage before you make a decision to book. I am always happy to talk to you through any queries that you have without any obligation on your part.


Accessibility and any Special Needs that you or your party may have - information that you may need from me

If you or anyone in your party have, or think you may have, any special needs or requirements with regard to your health and, or accessibility during your stay and you wonder whether or not the cottage is suitable for you, please ring me to discuss. This is the easiest and quickest way of you determining if you are still interested in booking the cottage or not. I will be completely honest and as helpful as I can as I would not want anyone to arrive and find that they could not enjoy their stay because the cottage is unsuitable in any way.

There is a full Access Statement for Tryst Cottage, which gives a lot of specific detail and measurements which you may need, depending upon your circumstances. I will send this to you if you contact me and you think it would be useful for you. In the meantime, there is a summary of key points from the Access Statement on the page titled Accessibility on this website, which I hope should help you.


Information I will need from you at the time of booking

I am required to have a record of everyone who stays at the cottage. I will need to know the number of people who are coming (the cottage sleeps four) your names, address, an email address for communication and a mobile phone number that you will have during your stay. I will also need to know about any dogs that you might be bringing, and will ask some questions about them. If you do not tell me about your dog, or bring more than we have agreed then our booking conditions mean that you will forfeit your holiday. I will also ask if anyone in your party smokes; if they do I will talk you through the terms and conditions that apply. If you chose not to tell me about anyone who smokes and they smoke at all in the cottage or leave any evidence of smoking outside the cottage then the conditions of your booking mean that you agree to pay additional charges.

Please note that we only accept dogs at the cottage, no other pets. Please make sure that you read the page on this website about dogs at the cottage and be sure that you are able to meet the terms and conditions that apply before you book.

 Tryst Cottage is very well maintained, and subject to very regular inspection with a detailed maintenance programme but very occasionally I do need to contact a guest during their stay, so the mobile number to contact you with can be helpful but won't be used for any other purpose.

Obviously all this information is kept confidential and not shared with anyone else.

Rather than asking you to fill in a form with these details, which appears a rather impersonal approach, I prefer, if possible to have a brief telephone conversation with guests around the time they make their booking. During this call I can also let you know about any additional information about the local area that you are interested in. This does not mean that there needs to be any delay in you booking the cottage, the booking occurs when I receive a payment from you and the telephone call can be planned for a time that suits you. 

If you book the cottage for less than 4 people, then decide that you want to take someone else with you to fill the remaining bed(s), please let me know for insurance purposes. An email will usually suffice. If the additions to your party wish to bring a dog or are smokers, though, please make sure to contact me to make the necessary agreements as the same conditions will apply to you as the lead guest.

Jane Leather

0751 677 0799